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AFTER THE RAIN - Todd & Gregg Allman "Little Brother"
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May 27, 2017 - 

I received the sad news today that Gregg Allman, my dear friend of over 26 years, has passed.  Since that moment I have been overcome by a flood of memories that go back to 1991 when we first met when he came to record a song I wrote for Steven Seagal's "Out for Justice"... and year by year our friendship only grew.

Gregg and I wrote this song in his kitchen several years later after he suggested the title, and when we recorded it he played his two-fisted Hammond and sang it with me.  It was one of the greatest honors in my life, and that day he nick-named me "Little Brother".  I included our song on a record of the same name that to this day is still yet unreleased.

So I offer this as a tribute to the man and I hope that all who hear it appreciate the beautiful soul of Gregory LeNoir Allman.. one of the greatest artists of our time and musical influences in my life.  He will be sorely missed.

Todd Smallwood

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